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Decision of Hon'ble Full Bench hearing
Noida Land Acquisition Matters


Date of Judgment :- 21.10.2011

Coram :-

Hon'ble Ashok Bhushan ,J. 
Hon'ble Sibghat Ullah Khan ,J. 

Hon'ble V.K. Shukla ,J.


 Leading Case Details
 1.  Writ-C No. 37443 of 2011    Gajraj and Others
  State of U.P. and Others


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 Summary of Judgment 

Today the Full Bench consisting of Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ashok Bhushan, Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.U. Khan and Hon'ble Mr. Justice V.K. Shukla assembled in Court no. 21. Hon'ble Mr. Justice Ashok Bhushan pronounced 387 pages judgment in the land acquisition matter of Noida and Greater Noida, the leading case being writ petition No. 37443 of 2011 Gajraj and others Vs. State of U.P.& others. Hon. Mr. Justice S.U. Khan pronounced concurring judgment containing 12 pages.

  1. Out of 471 writ petitions, 20 writ petitions of villages Nithari, Sadarpur, Khoda, Sultanpur, Chaura Sadatpur and Alaverdipur relating to Noida have been dismissed on the ground of laches.

  2. 25 writ petitions of villages Devla, Yusufpur Chaksahberi and Asdullapur, relating to Greater Noida have been allowed and notifications dated 26.5.2009, 22.6.2009, 10.4.2006, 6.9.2007. 27.1.2010 and 4.2.2010 have been quashed. The petitioners' land will be restored subject to deposit of compensation already received by them.

  3. Rest 346 writ petitions have been disposed of with the directions for payment of additional compensation to the extent of ratio 64.70%; the petitioners shall be allotted developed plot to the extent of 10% of their acquired land.

  4. The Greater Noida and its allottees have been directed not to carry on development; and not to implement master Plan 2021 till the observations and directions of NCRP Board are incorporated in Master Plan 2010 to the satisfaction said Board.

  5. Chief Secretary to appoint officers not below the level of Principal Secretary to conduct a thorough inquiry regarding the acts of Greater Noida in implementing Master Plan 2021 without approval of NCRP Board; decision to change the land use; allotment made to the builders; and indiscriminate proposals for acquisition of land and thereafter the State shall take appropriate action in the matter.

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