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Leading/Bunch Cases

Sl. No.  Case Details  Stay Order  Points Involved
 The New India Assurance Company Ltd.
 Smt. Veena And Others
Whether the insurance company is liable to pay interest for non-payment of amount under Workman Compensation Act
 Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Granthalaya Evam Jan Kalyan Samiti
 State of U.P. Thru' Principal Secy. U.P. Karmik Anubhag and another
 20/12/2005 Whether G.O. dated 10.10.2005 issued by the U.P. Government amending the schedule indicating Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe is valid or not.
 3.  SPECIAL APPEAL No. 1987 of 2009 at ALLAHABAD
 Surendra Prasad Agnihotri
 State of U.P. & others
 13/1/2010 Whether a teacher of Intermediate College who has already been appointed as officiating principal of the Institution by virtue of his seniority on attaining the age of superannuation in the extended period of his service shall continue as officiating principal or simply as a teacher?
 4.  WRIT - A No. 49431 of 2005 at ALLAHABAD
 Ram Pal Singh III
 State of U.P. Thru' Prin. Secy. Panchyati Raj and Others
Allocation of Employees between Uttaranchal and U.P.
 5.  WRIT - A No. 40393 of 2006 at ALLAHABAD
 Lieutenant Colonel (Lt. Col., Retired) Ved Mani Tiwari
 Union of India and Others
Whether the rank pay is to be added in the basic pay or not.
 6.  WRIT - A No. 51317 of 2009 at ALLAHABAD
 Narendra Sharma and another
 State of U.P. and others
 12/10/2009 Whether the government having announced a policy can use it selectively or can pass orders contrary to it and can such orders be permitted to go unchecked merely for the reason that no right of the complaining person is found to be affected or infringed?
 7.  WRIT - C No. 5231 of 2000 at ALLAHABAD
 Raj Kumar
 The District Supply Officer, Hathras and Another
 3/2/2000 Whether the petty oil dealer is entitled to use nozzle and dispensing machine while conducting his business.
 8.  WRIT - C No. 33710 of 2001 at ALLAHABAD
 Smt. Makhmali
 State of U.P. and Another
 31/10/2001 Whether the award by the reference court under the Land Acquisition Act can be recovered as arrears of land revenue.
 9.  WRIT - C No. 28000 of 2003 at ALLAHABAD
 State of U.P. Through Secy. Panchayati Raj, Lko. & Others
 8/7/2003 Whether the caste certificate can be cancelled by a Committee only in view of G.O. dated 5.1.1996 ?
 10.  WRIT - C No. 11237 of 2004 at ALLAHABAD
 Smt. Manju Rani Mittal
 Mathura Vrindaban Development Authority Thru' Its Secy. & Ors
 19/3/2004 Whether Sub Division Fee and other fees, demanded by Development Authority are arbitrary and are liable to be quashed.
 11.  WRIT - C No. 17215 of 2005 at ALLAHABAD
 M/s Dhaneshwar Nandan Chandakya Thru' Prop. & Others
 State of U.P. Thru' Secy. & Others
 14/3/2005 Whether the G.O. dt. 1.2.2005 reducing the storage capacity 8000 to 2500 is legal.
 12.  WRIT - C No. 43058 of 2005 at ALLAHABAD
 M/s Jal Akash Thru' Prop.
 State Of U.P. Thru' Principal Secy. & Ors.
 26/5/2005 Whether the petitioners are liable to furnish Security at the rate of 10% of the contract value or as per form GPW 9.
 13.  WRIT - C No. 54531 of 2005 at ALLAHABAD
 Jain Sons Ice & Cold Storage Thru' Partner
 State of U.P. Thru' Principal Secy. & Others
 10/8/2005 Whether the petitioner is liable to pay according to rural rate or not.
 14.  WRIT - C No. 56137 of 2005 at ALLAHABAD
 M/s Oswal Chemicals & Fertilizers Ltd. Thru' G.M.
 State of U.P. Thru' Principal Secy. & Others
 18/8/2005 Whether the Govt. can recover 10% recovery charge under the Amended Revenue Recovery Act.
 15.  WRIT - C No. 58415 of 2005 at ALLAHABAD
 M/S Aswad Steels & Alloys (Pvt.) Ltd.
 U.P. Power Corporation Ltd. Thru' Chairman & Ors.
 5/9/2005 Whether additional security can be demanded from a person who has opted for pre-payment meter under sec.47(5) Electricity Act 2003 ?
 16.  WRIT - C No. 71875 of 2005 at ALLAHABAD
 Prakriyatmak Evam Vipran Sahkari Samiti Ltd., Hata, Kushi Nagar through its Chairman and others
 State of U.P. And Others
 25/11/2005 Whether any co-operative society can be barred from making paddy purchase centre in pursuance of G.O. No.1166 dated 30.9.2005 on the ground that it is special type of co-operative society in absence of any definition/explanation as to what constitutes a special type of co-operative society.
 17.  WRIT - C No. 73687 of 2005 at ALLAHABAD
 M/s Subhlaxmi Rice Mills and others
 State of U.P and others
 2/12/2005 Whether the rice millers are liable to be reimbursed for the transportation charges for levy rice under clause 13 of the policy dt. 14.11.2002
 18.  WRIT - C No. 12341 of 2006 at ALLAHABAD
 Smt. Shanti Pandey
 Allahabad Development Authority And Others
 1/3/2006 Whether imposition of open are a penalty by Allahabad Development Authority is valid or not.
 19.  WRIT - C No. 28852 of 2006 at ALLAHABAD
 Ramakant Singh
 State of U.P and others
 25/5/2006 Whether the G.O. dated 22.12.2003 prohibiting renewal of fertilizer license within five km. of U.P. Bihar Border is valid or not.
 20.  WRIT - C No. 30148 of 2006 at ALLAHABAD
 Meerut Janpad Eint Nirmata Sangh, Meerut and others
 State of U.P. and others
 25/5/2006 Whether brick kiln is covered by Factories Act 1948 or not.
 21.  WRIT - C No. 33866 of 2006 at ALLAHABAD
 Sandeep Kumar Yadav
 State of U.P. and others
 10/7/2006 Tehbazari abolition bunch
 22.  WRIT - C No. 40964 of 2006 at ALLAHABAD
 C/M Thru' its Manager, Dushyant Kumar
 State of U.P. And Others
 6/9/2006 Whether the licence of saw mills are not to be granted/renewed in view of the decisions of the Supreme Court.
 23.  WRIT - C No. 58901 of 2007 at ALLAHABAD
 Rana Concast Limited
 PVVNL & Another
Whether demand for furnishing Bank Guarantee for the amount which is in dispute in the earlier writ petition is illegal and arbitrary and against the provisions of Section 47 of the Electricity Act?
 24.  WRIT - C No. 31951 of 2008 at ALLAHABAD
 Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited
 The District Consumer Protection Forum-III And Another
Whether consumer forum has jurisdiction to entertain complaint against electricity bill?
 25.  WRIT TAX No. 1484 of 2007 at ALLAHABAD
 I.T.C. Limited
 State of U.P. & Others
Whether the provisions of Entry Tax on Goods Act 2007 is ultra vires of the Constitution of India and is compensatory in nature?
 26.  WRIT TAX No. 323 of 2008 at ALLAHABAD
 Balaji Rice Industries
 State of U.P. & Others
 1/5/2008 Whether the tax leviable on the Inter State sale of Rice procured from Intra State purchase of Paddy shall be liable to deduction in view of Section15(c) of the Central Sales Tax Act?
 27.  WRIT TAX No. 785 of 2008 at ALLAHABAD
 M/s Jai Guru Jewelers
 Union of India & Others
Whether Section 245D(4-A) and 245HA of the Income Tax Act is valid?

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