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Latest 5 Landmark Judgment/Orders 

Headline Summary - Hindi Doc-Complaints to Magistrate & inherent power-complaint & statements-not disclosed-ingredients of offences u/S 384,385,506 IPC-summon quashed.
Judgment/Order - APPLICATION U/s 482 No. 5688 of 2018 Judgment/Order Dated - 17/1/2022 at Allahabad 
Title - Smt. Laxmi Devi And 3 Others Vs. State Of U.P. And Another
Coram - Hon'ble Saurabh Shyam Shamshery,J.
Headline Summary - under Section 482 Cr.P.C., FIR can be quashed in terms of settlement
Judgment/Order - APPLICATION U/s 482 No. 1979 of 2020 Judgment/Order Dated - 11/1/2022 at Lucknow 
Title - Ishwar Singhal @ Tinu And Others Vs. State Of U.P. Thru. Prin. Secy. Home. Lko And Others
Coram - Hon'ble Rajeev Singh,J.
Headline Summary - Writ Petition against State or its instrumentality seeking relief of contractual payment, held, entertainable where amount is admitted and undisputed.
Judgment/Order - WRIT - C No. 27869 of 2021 Judgment/Order Dated - 6/1/2022 at Allahabad 
Title - Kanika Construction Vs. State Of U.P. And 3 Others
Coram - Hon'ble Manoj Kumar Gupta,J. and Hon'ble Yogendra Kumar Srivastava,J.
Headline Summary - The effect of granting bail is to release the accused from custody of law and to entrust him to the custody of his sureties..........
Judgment/Order - CRIMINAL MISC. BAIL APPLICATION No. 13747 of 2021 Judgment/Order Dated - 5/1/2022 at Allahabad 
Title - Gaurav @ Gaura Vs. State Of U.P.
Coram - Hon'ble Krishan Pahal,J.
Headline Summary - POCSO-S.33(1) held,lifts embargo u/s193 CrPC-Special Court empowered to take cognizance as court of original jurisdiction,without committal of accused
Judgment/Order - APPLICATION U/s 482 No. 5009 of 2021 Judgment/Order Dated - 16/12/2021 at Allahabad 
Title - Ravi And 2 Others Vs. State Of U.P. And 2 Others
Coram - Hon'ble Yogendra Kumar Srivastava,J.

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